Which Is Better DLP or LCD Projector

Hey, Guys are you bored of watching your favorite movies and series on a TV screen with old-style.

If yes, then tell me did you ever hear about a Projector?

No? Don’t worry!

Come let us find out what a Projector is. So, here we are discussing Projectors. Generally, it’s a device that visualized an image on a plain surface. There are many types of Projectors but we are talking about DLP and LCD Projectors because these are the most commonly used types.

In short, a Projector is a device that shows images on a wall or on any plain surface by magnifying it.

Which Is Better DLP or LCD Projector?

If you are going to buy one of these projectors then you are in right place. If we judge these Projectors by technology and performance then DLP Projector is far better than LCD Projector. Let me tell you the working of both Projectors easily and simply. Then you have to decide your choice on your own.

What Is DLP Projector and How Does It Work?


Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology was introduced to World in 1987 by Larry Hornbeck of Texas Instruments and later this technology was also used in Projectors in this way first Projector having DLP support was produced in 1997.

How Does Dlp (Digital Light Processing) Projector Work?

In a DLP (Digital Light Processing) Projector, there is a DLP chip that is shielded with mirrors in a count of millions. These mirrors are microscopic and only one pixel is indicated by each mirror. These mirrors reflect light to produce a high specified picture by tilting in the backward and forward directions. These types of projectors also have a support of 3D capability. DLP Projectors produce acute images and there is no need of clarifying as well as they have a quick response time.

Benefits and Drawbacks of DLP Projectors


As I said before if we judge this thing by technology view then no doubt these DLP Projectors are more modified and advanced than LCD Projectors. Because if we discuss the comparison with other technologies, DLP Projectors have enough capacity and ability to produce brighter, sharper, and crystal clear contrasted pictures.

Remember I discussed the DLP chip that is shielded with uncountable (million) mirrors and these mirrors are too tiny and microscopic. The distance between each mirror is smaller than one micron and that is why the pixel’s distance is also too much limited. So that the result of the picture looks very clearer, sharped, and perfect.

It can also give a smooth 1080p resolution, no blur pictures, better and affected results, and brilliant grayscale linearity. DLP Projectors also support 3D capability which is reasonable and replacing a light source is also easy.

DLP (Digital Light Processing) Projector can deal with up to seven different tints or colors. There is a triple-panel DLP Projector having costs up to 9000 US Dollars but mostly everyone knows only about one-panel DLP Projectors. So, if you want to enjoy a brighter image then you can go for a DLP Projector.


However, the only downside of this DLP Projector is having “rainbow effects”. Consumers use crystal clear color rings revolving at the fore of DLP projector lamps. This ring, split-ted in lots of large colors, reconstitute all the ending colors. The spot of the basic colors is similar to a piece of a pie.

When the segment is short, the turntable is also shorter, and the potential of distinguishing eye color also became powerful. That is why sometimes it looks like a rainbow effect, mostly this issue showed up in vivid sectors of the picture.

Fortunately, not everyone sees these rainbows. So be sure to watch some video sequences before buying a DLP projector. Due to the behavior of these technologies, the attainable quantity for measurements and scaling is bounded. That is why this projector installation space is more limited.  

What Is LCD Projector and How Does It Work?


Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Technology was introduced to World in 1964 by George H. Heliometer.  It was developed at RCA Laboratories in Princeton, NJ and later this technology was used in Projectors. By using this technology the first LCD-based Projector was developed in 1971.

How Do LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Projectors Work?

In an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Projector, there are three panels that are made of glass and these are of red, green, and blue tint. Thousands of shifting pixels are embraced in each of these panels. A lightning beam of white light radiated through the panel and in this way a picture is formed by LCD Projector. The displaying quality or resolution or sharpness of the picture in an LCD Panel depends upon the pixels count or number of pixels.

Benefits and Drawbacks of LCD Projectors


These projectors are good for normal use because they also produce good quality and sharpen high detailed images. LCD typically produces colors with greater correctness than other projectors. This is the reason that in some factors these projectors are in lead.

LCDs have high color effects which increase the whole lightning in the image. Another main factor of these projectors is light efficiency, which means these lightning effects make this thing capture a brighter picture.


Previous variants tolerate the “chicken wire” result, in spite of the fact that the latest variant has enhanced and is not much visible at resolutions longer than recommended viewing distance. These projectors do not attain contrasting proportions like DLP projectors.

LCD panels deteriorate over time due to being organic. There is a solution to every problem in every task and in this case if we use this tool slightly then there is less chance of problems. If we use a projector for more than 8 hours then its lifespan will be affected and maybe after some days, the device will stop working.

How to Choose the Perfect One for You?

DLP projectors provide 3D capability as well as fast, high-quality projections. DLP projectors have more reflections and therefore more pixels to present your desired images and videos in high definition.

LCD projectors are less expensive. However, they also require more care and maintenance, especially when replacing filters and preventing dust from accumulating. 3LCD projectors provide exceptional brightness in many cases using low power. They are usually quiet as soon as the projector is turned on.


So, according to my point of view if you are buying a projector for schools and colleges then LCD Projectors are best because they are less expensive and have good performance.

And if you need a Projector for Home Theaters then go for DLP Projector because they have a better pixel and resolution quality than LCD Projector but they are costly and expensive. 

In end, I just want to tell you guys that I tried my best to tell you every main comparison between these two Projectors and I prefer DLP Projector because it is advanced and has better stability but it is a little bit more costly than LCD Projector and now the choice is yours.


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