What is the Average Gaming Laptop Lifespan

In this article, we will discuss the average gaming laptop lifespan and will also discuss the factors affecting its life span.

We will tell you which factors increase or decrease the lifespan and working of a gaming laptop. The lifespan of a gaming laptop also depends on its build quality. If you want a Laptop with a longer lifespan you should buy an expensive and high-quality laptop, preferably in a metallic body or with metal hinges.

Main Components of a Laptop

First of all, we should discuss the essential components of a gaming laptop that one should check before buying. By focusing on these parts you can guess the lifespan of a gaming laptop. If u buy a mid-range laptop it can last for 4-6 Years. If you buy a High Range Quality laptop it can serve you for more than 7-8 Years. If you want the service of 10-11 Years you should take care of the physical components and their maintenance. But there is still a chance that your laptop won’t be able to keep your software updated by then.

The main physical components are given below for your kind attention:

  1. GPU
  2. CPU
  3. RAM

The rule of purchasing a laptop nowadays is that the higher the price the better will be the laptop. But in my concern, the price is not the only fact that you should consider in buying a good quality laptop. You should go for the best components of the laptop.

Average Gaming Laptop Lifespan Dependence

In simple the lifespan of a good gaming laptop depends on its Built Quality, Best Hardware, Good CPU, Good Cooling System, and Best GPU. The maintenance of a laptop is also the factor that increases its lifespan and working.

What is the Average Gaming Laptop Lifespan

Let us discuss the physical components or factors that we should consider in buying a good laptop with a longer lifespan.

1. GPU

GPU (graphing processing unit) is the electronic circuit that manipulates the creation of images and pixels on the screen. It helps to improve your gaming experience by enhancing the quality of the images and the videos. It is used or embedded in mobile phones, personal computers, workstations, and gaming consoles.

They are used as Graphics cards and Integrated graphic chips in gaming personal computers and high-quality gaming laptops. Integrated graphic chips are the advanced form of the GPU. They are used in the computer future technology and in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Originally the GPUs were designed to accelerate the usage of 3D graphics. They are highly usable in business computing. But with the passage of time, they became more useful in enhancing their capabilities.

For a gaming laptop, a graphic card is the most important component because gaming on your laptop requires 3D graphics, mapping textures, high-resolution images, and videos.

Manufacturer of GPU

NVIDIA and AMD are the best manufacturers of graphic cards and integrated chips in the world. They manufacture the high pixel graphic cards used in gaming laptops and other devices.

As there are so many models of GPU in the market, How can you find the best?

You can find best by checking the (FPS) frame rates per second. It’s the main function of the graphic card or GPU. With the frame rate, you can check the best GPU. Frame rate makes the gameplay smoother and more real and enjoyable to you. You should go to a minimum of 30 FPS for the gaming. but for a good gaming experience, you should buy 90 and 120 FPS graphic cards used in gaming PCs.

Best graphic cards

NVIDIA GTX 1050 and AMD RADEON RX 460 are the best gaming graphics cards for specific and good quality gaming laptops.

NVIDIA manufactured cards may last 6 to 7 years before they need an upgrade. It’s the good lifespan of a graphic card.

2. CPU

CPU (central processing unit) is the brain of the laptop. It’s the main part of the laptop that should be considered best before buying any gaming laptop. It controls all the functions of the laptop. as for gaming, the CPU is not as important as the GPU.

As the CPU is the central part and acts as the brain of the laptop. It should be good because your games can not run smoothly on a bad CPU. So it should also be checked.

If you want a good processor in the laptop you should have the INTEL and AMD-based processors that are the best quality processors used nowadays in gaming laptops.

These are the advanced gaming processors that enhance the gaming experience and remove lagging and fast loading time.

Best processors

  1. Intel Core i5 & i7
  2. AMD Ryzen 5 & 7

These are the advanced and reliable processors used for gaming laptops and gaming PCs.

The higher the number of the cores, the faster will be the performance of the processor in gaming.  You should focus on the number of cores.

Dual-core and Quad Core processors are most common in gaming laptops because two cores or four cores perform at the same time so the gaming experience is enhanced.

3. RAM

RAM (random access memory) is the memory of the laptop that is used as a storage device to store all the data, files, and other types of data in the laptop or personal computer.

RAM performs many functions on the computer or laptop. As it performs all the tasks or functions that run on your laptop. These tasks may be internet browsing, gaming, editing, accounting, using apps, and multifunctional apps.

It runs these tasks. it is way faster than the hard drive and SSD drive. It smooths laptop functions, speeds up loading time, and removes lags during gaming and during other tasks.

For the gaming laptop, you should have a minimum of 8GB of RAM. if you want a good gaming experience. RAM has more importance because CPU and GPU working relies on the RAM. Computer process information and storage devices like SSD and HDD rely on the RAM to process information.

As the games are upgrading day by day their graphics are becoming heavier day by day.  So the requirements of the RAM are also increasing.

If your budget is low you should go for a minimum of 4GB RAM of the laptop to get some of the smooth gameplay. But if you want the best gameplay you should start from 8GB and 12GB RAM.

If you are a Youtuber, Streamer or you do chatting on DISCORD. You are recommended to have higher RAM in your gaming PC and gaming laptop. For multitasking purposes, you are highly recommended to have the 16 GB  RAM  in your gaming laptop.

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The hardware of the laptop contains all the physical components and parts of the laptop.

Hardware must be checked or purchased by their built quality. If their built quality is the best then their lifespan will also be longer than common hardware parts.

Hardware lifespan not only relies on their built quality. It also relies on how you take care of them and their maintenance.

If you take good care of them then their lifespan can increase from their actual time.

The hardware includes the inner and outer parts of the laptop. The outer parts are compatible such as a mouse, keyboard, trackpad, monitor, etc. But the inner parts include storage devices RAM, GPU, CPU, etc. They need good care and maintenance for better working till the long lifetime. Gaming laptops hardware is made stronger and with good quality material as compared to the common daily use laptop.

If the external hardware of the laptop is secure and in the best care the inner parts will also be in good condition and secure. But the inner parts also need up-gradation and maintenance.


After having a long discussion it is now clear that the lifespan of a gaming laptop depends upon many factors. But in short, if you have all the things in the right place, then the average lifespan may vary from an average of 4 to 8 years depending upon the maintenance and the proper care you give to your Laptop.

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