Quick Fix for Broken Laptop Hinges Repair

This article will tell you about Quick Fix for Broken Laptop Hinges Repair as most laptops have a plastic body and their hinge may break with continuous usage.

Imagine it’s a Sunday and you are having a wonderful day. You are laying on the bed opening your laptop and suddenly one of your laptop hinges cracks. What a disaster you think it is for your holiday. More than that you have to pay a lot of money to repair it.

But don’t be confused about how to repair a hinge or how costly it would be, you have to read the full article for any query about repairing hinges. Here I will tell you all the essential info about the laptop hinge. So let’s start the article.

What is a Laptop Hinge?

Firstly let’s discuss what is a laptop hinge?

A hinge is a kind of physical object that joins other two objects. Usually, hinges are made of steel material. Similarly, the main purpose of the hinge used in a laptop is used to connect or join the screen with the laptop base.

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Why are Laptop Hinges Broke?

The laptop hinge is a very soft portion of the laptop and when it hit the ground or while opening a laptop lid the hinges take all the pressure and that causes them to break.

There is no warranty on a laptop hinge and if it’s broken then you have to fix it by yourself or have to go to a service center and it will cost you money.

Some common reasons why laptop hinges broke are

Screw falls

There are many screws in a laptop and if one of the screws that connect the hinges with the body of the laptop falls it causes pressure on the other screws of the hinge. This may result in a broken hinge in response.

Not closing the laptop properly

A lot of time we put so much force to close the lid of a laptop hence the hinges can be broken. A laptop should always be opened from the center of the screen so that the force on the lid may be balanced.

Bending screen too much

Many times we bend the screen too much therefore hinges absorb too much pressure and they broke.

Does All Laptop Have Hinges Problems?

Many inexpensive cheap casual laptops don’t have good quality material. For these devices, it’s a very common thing that hinges broke after 1 or 2 years of use. For preventing these problems you should buy a little more expensive laptop.

How Long Does Laptop Hinges Last?

It’s not like a  type of software. So there’s no such appropriate time for how long it lasts. But if you use your laptop carefully it will last longer.

If I talk about its estimated time then you can say that it can last about 2 to 5 years apparently. And if you take care of it then it might last more than 10 years.

What Happens When Laptop Hinge Broke?

There are several different ways how laptop hinges break but let’s discuss what happens when hinges break. Here I will mention some points about it

  1.  The screen of the laptop becomes connectionless with the keypad.
  2. Your front-end keyboard becomes detached from your keyboard back portion.
  3. And your front portion and the screen detached from the back portion of the laptop.

Can Laptop Hinges Be Repaired?

YES, we can comfortably repair the hinge of the laptop. But there is one problem that you don’t get any warranty for it. Once it breaks then you have to repair it by yourself or you have to go to the service center. And you have to spend your hard-earned money if you go to the service center to repair it.

Quick Fix for Broken Laptop Hinges Repair

Well, there are different ways that how can you repair broken laptop hinges comfortably. Here I will tell you all the steps about how to repair a broken hinge in laptops very easily and comfortably.

But before starting the main purpose let’s discuss the tools that we need in fixing or repairing laptop hinges by ourselves.

So let’s mention the name of the tools that we need.

1. C clamp
2. Tweezers
3. Screwdriver
4. Araldite
5. Cutter Knife
6. Pencil

Now let’s discuss the steps of how can you repair a broken hinge by yourself.

Step 1:

The first thing you have to do is remove all the screws from the back portion of your laptop and remove the hard disk from the laptop. You can also watch an online video to figure out how to disassemble your laptop.

Step 2:

You should remove the battery and power cable from your laptop. Also, remove the memory stick from the laptop as well.

Step 3:

You have to remove all screws from the bottom portion of your keypad that holds your keypad to the base of the laptop. Some laptops do not have screws on their keyboard. You have to check carefully if your keyboard has any screws or not.

Step 4:

After removing the keyboard from the laptop then there is a power cord attached to the main body of the laptop. You have to remove that power cord from the main body of the laptop. It is a very important step.

Step 5:

Now in this step, we have to use Araldite. In the packet of Araldite, There are two essential things. One is soft and another is harder. We have to use both of them equally in a ratio of 1:1. And now use something such as a pencil to mix them well and properly.

Step 6:

After mixing the Araldite properly you have to apply that mixture to the hinge area of the laptop.

Step 7:

Now After applying this you just have to take the hinge of your laptop and position it into its original place.

Step 8:

Now in this step, you have to use the C Clamp and unscrew the C Clamp. Now place it on the hinge and screw it with the screwdriver tightly. Now keep your laptop fixed for a complete day at that particular position.

Step 9:

After giving 24 hours to C Clamp, you should remove the C Clamp from your laptop hinge. Your laptop hinge problem will repair automatically.

Step 10:

In the last step, assemble your laptop in reverse steps.

I hope this article will help you know what a laptop hinge is, it’s working and repairing broken laptop hinges by yourself.

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