How to Fix Unresponsive Laptop Keyboard Keys?

Your laptop keyboard is one of the most important pieces of hardware on your computer. It allows you to input text and navigates your way around the operating system. But what do you do if a key starts to become unresponsive? In this blog post, we’ll show you how to fix unresponsive laptop keyboard keys. Keep reading for more information.

Fix Unresponsive Laptop Keyboard Keys

Identify the Key That Isn’t Working

The first step is to identify which key is not working. This can be done by pressing each key on the keyboard and seeing which one doesn’t register. If more than one key isn’t responding, there could be a problem with the keyboard itself.

Clean the Key

If a single key is not responding, the issue might be with that particular key. Before doing anything else, try cleaning the key. Use a can of compressed air to blow any dirt or debris out of the key’s mechanism. You can also use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean the key.

Check for Hardware Issues

If cleaning the key doesn’t work, there could be a hardware issue with the key. The best way to fix this is to replace the key. You can purchase a replacement key online or at a computer store.

Update your Keyboard Drivers

If you’re still having issues with your keyboard, the problem could be with the drivers. Outdated or corrupt drivers can cause problems with your keyboard. The best way to fix this is to update your keyboard drivers. You can do this through the Device Manager in Windows.

  1. Press the Windows key + X to open the Power User menu.
  2. Click Device Manager.
  3. Expand the Keyboards section.
  4. Right-click on your keyboard and click Update Driver Software…
  5. Follow the prompts to install the updated driver software.

Once the drivers are updated, restart your computer and check to see if the issue is resolved.


If you have tried all of the above methods and your laptop keyboard is still not working, you may need to replace it. You can purchase a new keyboard online or at a computer store. Be sure to get one that is compatible with your laptop model. Thanks for reading!

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