How to Clean a Computer Mouse

Don’t you know how to clean a computer mouse?

It’s ok I’ll tell you how to clean the mouse on the computer. In this regard, we need some instruments to clean the mouse.

  1. Cloth.
  2. Water.
  3. Sprit.
  4. Toothpick.

Note: Don’t use any other sharp tool except a toothpick to clean the roller or the other plastic parts of a mouse because if you scrape them, they’ll pick up dirt faster & stop working properly.

Steps of How to Clean a Computer Mouse?

1. Unplug the Mouse From the Computer

The first step is to unplug your mouse from the computer. It is because there is a chance of damage to your mouse if you are cleaning the mouse while it is plugged in. But if you are using the wireless mouse turn it off & remove its battery shown in the below picture.

2. Clean the Exterior of the Mouse

It is an important step while we are cleaning the mouse because most of the germs are there on the exterior of the mouse. Take the cloth and dip it in the spirit and then tap it on the exterior of the mouse, after doing this take another cloth and rub it on the exterior of the mouse.

3. Cleaning the Roller Dirt

Take the toothpick and carefully get out all the dirt from the left & right sides of the roller. It will help you to scroll the roller easily & fastly. The working of your mouse will become 2x fast.

4. How to Clean the Mouse Button

It is quite difficult to clean the mouse button. First of all disconnect the mouse from the device because there is a risk of damage or the mouse may not work properly after this operation. Use a toothpick lightly to remove the dirt from the encompass of the mouse.  

How to Clean the Trackball Mouse?

It is quite easy to clean the trackball mouse. First, we need some instruments to clean the trackball mouse.

  1. Alcohol swabs.
  2. Toothpick.
  3. Cotton swabs.

Note: We use a cotton swab to clean the inside surface of the trackball.

1. Disconnect the Mouse From the Computer

It is important to disconnect the mouse from the computer because if you do not do this, your mouse may be damaged or not work properly in the future.

2. Clean the Outer Surface of the Mouse

Take the Alcohol swab and rub it on the outer surface of the mouse. Also, clean the roller of the mouse. After that clean the down surface of the mouse.

3. Clean the Sides of Roller

Use the Toothpick to clean the sides of the Roller. Be careful while using toothpicks to the sides of the roller as it can damage the mouse roller. Clean all the dirt from the roller.

4. Remove the Trackball From the Mouse

Open up the chamber containing the trackball. Took the Trackball out & take the cotton swabs and clean the interior. Be careful while cleaning the interior of the mouse and scratching all the waste out. Use hairdryer to clean the dust on the interior of the mouse.

5. Clean the Trackball

Use the cloth and spirit and clean the trackball. Once you clean down the trackball and allow it to dry for 5 minutes, dampen your hands and gently roll the trackball around on your palms. Performing this will allow the trackball to suck up any excess moisture on your hands, which will allow for it to slide more smoothly over your mouse pad.

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