Cameras have come a long way since the first Kodak camera was marketed in 1888. Nowadays, it’s not just about taking pictures anymore – ¬†they can also be used as a tool for recording videos and for making video calls. A digital camera is a camera that takes pictures in digital form, rather than on film. In other words, it creates images, or photos, that are stored in a memory card or the camera’s internal memory. A digital camera may also be referred to as a digicam or a digital imaging device. A camera phone is a digital camera that can also be used to make video calls, as well as to send and receive emails, instant messages, and texts. Digital cameras come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and looks. Nowadays, they are also becoming more affordable. Some digital cameras also include touchscreens or LCDs, which allow users to control the camera simply by tapping the screen.

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