7 Exciting New Features Coming in Chromebook

Everywhere I go, I see everybody discussing the Exciting New Features Coming in Chromebook. In this article, we are discussing the seven new latest features of the Chromebook. Before going into the details of the 7 latest features of the Chromebook, Firstly, we should learn what a Chromebook is? and How does it work?

What Is Chromebook?

 Chromebook is google biased electronics device founded by Jeff Nelson which is work similarly to a personal computer or laptop.

Chrome book is a user budget-friendly laptop that runs on Linux-primarily based Chrome OS, that is designed for use with an Internet connection.

2 in 1 Laptop

As we know that laptops and Pc run on windows. So, it’s a good alternative to that old type of machine. It provides more flexibility compared to laptops and computers. You can watch movies, play games, and do different tasks using Chromebook. It also provides the feature of a play store where you can download any software you want to install on your Chromebook.

History of Chromebook

The Chromebook was introduced by Google. The first version of the Chromebook was published in June 2011 and it was manufactured by two famous companies Acer & Samsung. In the beginning, it was not a reliable device to use because it hadn’t enough features to fulfill the requirements of upcoming generations. So, it was a failed device at the beginning, but after some modifications, it again entered the market and now various big companies such as Acer, ASUS, Dell, LG, Samsung, and Toshiba all are working with Google to develop the further latest version of Chromebook.

Every company provides different types of features in their Chromebook. Such as Acer provides a number of multiple Ports in their model R11 and Dell provides the feature of long-lasting battery timing.

In the beginning, it was a boring product to use because everything in this device works online. If you want to store data on chrome book you must have required an internet connection to store data on Google clouds. It makes data unsecured because the datastore on the google clouds can be accessed by an unauthorized person.

There are some best models of Chromebook are given below:

  • Acer Chromebook model 715
  • Lenovo Chromebook model C330
  • Samsung model 4 Chromebook
  • Google Pixelbook Go
  • Acer Chromebook model Spin 13 CP713
  • ASUS Chromebook model Flip C436
  • HP Chromebook model 11 G5
  • Model Lenovo 500e Chromebook
  • Dell model Chromebook 11
  • Samsung model Galaxy Chromebook 2
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Exciting New Features Coming in Chromebook

I am gonna tell you about seven qualities of a Chromebook That you should know before buying a Chromebook.

1. Microsoft Office

If you are a student and you are worried about your presentation, assignment, and research paper, which are mostly generated with the help of Microsoft Office. If you don’t have enough money to purchase a handsome laptop and a personal computer, Do not worry. The Chromebook provides the facility of Microsoft Office, where you can easily make your assignments, presentations, and research papers.

If you are a housewife and you want to make the budget for your house, You can easily set your home budget by using Microsoft Office on a Chromebook. 

Office 16

Microsoft Office provides different types of software for office work, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint which provides the facility for writing assignments and applications.

2. Play Store

Chromebook provides the facility of a play store where you can download apps and games that you want to install and use according to your needs. As we already mentioned in the above paragraph, the earlier version of the Chromebook doesn’t have the feature of the Play Store.

It’s another great invention developed by Google on October 22, 2008. The Google Play Store provides free-of-charge games and other apps that you want to install on your Chromebook.

3. Long-lasting battery timing

The battery is the most essential part of every electronic device that helps the device run when electricity is cut out. The Chromebook provides the facility of long-lasting battery timing. Normally, its battery timing is ten to twelve hours.

The Chromebook of every company has different battery timing. Many people like to go out on a tour. So, they can take their Chromebook with them because it has long-lasting battery life.

Battery Placement

The feature makes the Chromebook a more useful device because you can do work when the light is gone and it saves your precious time. Lithium-ion batteries (Li-on) are used in the Chromebook, which is a good thing.

4. Wireless Data Sharing

 Wireless data sharing means sharing data without any physical connection between two different devices. In this method, data is shared in electromagnetic waves. It’s an evolution in the transformation of data worldwide. It makes the transformation of data faster. Chromebook also provides the feature of Wireless data sharing.

Wireless Card

In the upcoming models of Chromebook, it will also support the feature of wireless charging. You can listen to music through the wireless connection of your earphones and Chromebook. It also provides the facility of data sharing without using any device such as a memory card or Flash drive.

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5. Storing data on a Storage device

Storage devices are used to store data on storage for long-term use. The data is most commonly stored on a hard disk. The data is stored permanently on a storage device that can be accessed by the user when it’s required.

In the beginning, Chromebooks didn’t support any external device to store data permanently. So, all data is stored on Google clouds, which can be stored by using the internet. This made it difficult for the user to store data.

Exciting features coming in chromebook

To solve this problem, the company provided a storage device to the user. Now, Chromebooks support up to 64 GB of external storage devices.

6. Camera

Another feature of having a Chromebook is the camera. The camera is the most commonly used tool in the world. Where you can take your picture and store it for the future, and you can also record video on the Chromebook using the camera.

If you are a student or worker and have gone abroad to work, you can talk to your loved ones on a video call on your Chromebook.

During the period of COVID-19, our school and college system were affected negatively. Colleges and universities are closed due to COVID. Many universities and colleges conduct online lectures, so students can take their lectures on Chromebook through video calls.

7. Screen recordings

Nowadays, screen recording is the most useful feature of every smartphone, Chromebook, laptop, or computer. If you’re a good gamer, you can upload your gaming videos by recording them and earn handsome money through YouTube and other social media.

Screen recording is also used for making tutorials for beginners and recording videos for later use. Chromebooks also provide the facility of screen recording for users.


After a long discussion, I can say that the Chromebook is a good device at the price of $250, which provides almost all the features that are available on your PC and smartphone.

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